Fundraising Made Easy

School Districts & Sports/Clubs

Money Saver Books are a great option for schools looking to raise money for sports teams, clubs, supplies, new equipment or any educational need.

Churches & Religious Organizations

Are you a place of worship looking for an alternative to typical fundraisers? Money Saver Books offer exceptional profit margins while supporting local merchants and vendors.

Charities & Non-Profits

Regardless of the focus of your organization, Money Saver Books are the perfect solution for your fundraising needs, putting money in your pockets and the pockets of local small businesses.

Why Money Saver Books?


Are you tired of the same old bake sales, wrapping paper, cookies, popcorn, and magazine subscriptions?  Money Saver Books is the most effective fundraising option available, offering unmatched profits and repeat sales.

What better way to raise money for your school, church or charitable organization than to support local businesses in the process? It’s the absolute BEST avenue for raising much needed funds and encourages everyone to shop local.  All books feature unprecedented free offers and 2-for-1 offers that are only available in the Money Saver Book.